Rush Canada 2003 Blue Team Wins Fall SAAC League

Congratulations to our boys Rush Canada 2003 blue team who recently finished in first place during the Fall SAAC League and earned a place in the Academy Cup final.  Playing one year up the boys faced a series of new challenges including having to deal with a number of injuries throughout the year.

Finishing in 3rd place during the Spring season, their objective for the fall was to try and finish higher than 3rd.  With hard work and team unity, the boys played with passion and confidence during every match, only conceding  5 goals in 10 games and finishing the fall season winning 9 of 10 games.

The team did exceptionally well to reach the Academy Cup Final, however it was not to be, but the boys should be very proud with their accomplishments this season!

2017 SAAC League Achievements 
  • 3rd place in the Spring
  • 1st place in the Fall
  • Academy Cup finalists

Great work boys!

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