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Rush Academy Teams Still Have a Few Spots Open!

Oakville, ON – Rush Canada Soccer Academy still has a few spots available on the the following academy boys teams: 2010, 2011, and 2012. 🗓 👉 Tryout for an academy team today. Click here to register today! Rush Academy is an OPDL license holder and this is an excellent opportunity to join a team who will potentially play in the OPDL ... More

Former Rush Canada Player Signs Pro Contract With Toronto FC

Earlier this week, Toronto FC signed a former Rush Canada Academy player, Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty to the first team. At the age of 15, Jahkeele became the youngest player in TFC history to sign a first team contract. In 2019, at the age of 14, Jahkeele signed a contract with Toronto FC II and made his professional debut and only a year has passed and ... More

2003 Boys Finalists in Disney Showcase

Our 2003 League 1 Reserve Boys played in the Disney Boys Soccer Showcase last week. The players played against some strong competition including the state champions of Alabama, who they beat 5-1 and the state finalists from Pennsylvania who they beat 2-1. After winning all 3 of their games in the group stage, and scoring 9 goals and conceding only 3, ... More

2003 Boys Win All 4 Games at the Sigma Showcase

Our Rush Canada League 1 Reserve Team played in the Sigma Showcase this week. The boys won all 4 of their games and finished first out of eight teams.  Over the course of two days, the boys played four 52 minute games and came away with four wins. They scored 15 goals (from 8 different players) and managed to get by without conceding a ... More

Rush OPDL Teams Still Have a Few Spots Open!

Oakville, ON – Rush Canada Soccer Academy still has a few spots available on the the following OPDL boys teams: 2003, 2004, 2006, and 2007. 🗓 👉 Tryout for an OPDL team today. Click here to register today. The Ontario Player Development League (OPDL) launched in 2014 at the U13 level and has since been the primary avenue within ... More

Rush Alumni NCAA Division II, Division III, NAIA, & Juco College Update Awards Edition


NCAA Division I Rush Alumni College Update: Awards Edition


Rush Creates Partnership in France

Rush has established a partnership in France!  Oui (Yes), it’s true...   Rush Soccer signs with FC Nogentais located about an hour southeast of Paris.  A small town of about 6,000 habitants located on the River Seine, FC Nogentais has about 500 players (both boys and girls).  The men's team plays in the 6th division. ... More

Rush Tanzania Receives Reach Gear

Rush Tanzania Sports Academy, one of Rush Soccer’s REACH clubs located in Tanzania, Africa sent over one of their Academy Directors, Hassan Kapilima, to visit the Titan House in Denver, Colorado. Kapilima arrived in Denver on November 6th and stayed until November 20th. His purpose was to link up with Rush Soccer and understand how Rush can assist his ... More

2005 Boys Win the Southampton Cup in Baltimore

Congratulations to our Rush Canada 2005 boys team who won the top tier bracket of the Southampton Cup in Baltimore this past weekend. The boys went undefeated (3-0) in the tournament group stages to earn a spot in the final. The final proved to be an intense and aggressive match, however, the boys showed a lot of character and unity throughout the ... More