Rush Northville 2006 Boys Win King’s Hammer Tournament

Congratulations to Rush Northville 2006 boys on winning the King’s Hammer Tournament in Cincinnati. Two of our 2006 Rush Canada players were used as guest players in the tournament to help Rush Northville secure the first place finish. The Rush Northville team is coached by one of our Rush Canada Academy Directors, Slobodan Pavlovic.

Here are some words from him about the tournament:

“After playing in Florida mid February and ending up finalist at Weston Cup, Rush Northville 2006 boys team, with help of Stefan and Alp from Rush Canada 2006 team have played in the top flight of the reputable King’s Hammer Adidas Classic tournament on March 10, 11 and 12. The boys have been dominant in every aspect of soccer game and won the tournament after winning games versus reputable opponents like Columbus Crew, King’s Hammer Academy, Lakota Academy and Canton Celtics.”

Slobodan went on to add, “Congratulations to Rush Northville 2006 boys as well as the 2006 Rush Canada boys which did not have problem to adjusting to playing with the Northville team as the Rush style is uniform across Rush clubs and contribute to this great success.”

Congratulations boys!

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