Rush Creates Partnership in France

Rush has established a partnership in France! 

Oui (Yes), it’s true…  

Rush Soccer signs with FC Nogentais located about an hour southeast of Paris.  A small town of about 6,000 habitants located on the River Seine, FC Nogentais has about 500 players (both boys and girls).  The men’s team plays in the 6th division. 

“This is an exceptional partnership for us,” Tiago Calvano, Director of International Affairs, states. Tiago started to cultivate this relationship back in the Spring of this year.  Tiago continues, “This is our first true partnership with a European club. We all know France is a world leader in football, so to have this relationship is special for our brand.”  

The club will begin making plans and incorporating the Rush Way immediately.

Furthermore, Rush Soccer will secure a national presence to expand the brand by partnering with ETAPSPORT, a sporting company co-founded by a former Rush Soccer legal trainee, Pierre Mangold. Pierre will act as the liaison to bridge the U.S. and France. ETAPSPORT has the licensing rights to all of France for strategically expanding the Rush Brand.  

“I have a lot of good ideas to begin the relationship,” Mangold says.  “Rush Soccer is global and it makes perfect sense to target one of the top federations in the world.  There are a lot of clubs lactated in France that could benefit from a partnership with Rush.”  

Rush will be participating in a tournament this next Spring in France and in exchange, FC Nogentais will bring a team to Denver.  Rush Soccer is currently located in 39 countries around the world! The Rush continues to move forward with its vision to become one of the most recognized brands in the world.  

Vive la France! 

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