Rush Canada’s Juan Pablo Delgadillo Competes in the Helsinki Cup With Rush Select

Rush Canada’s Juan Pablo Delgadillo – member of Coach Rob‘s U14 team and regular member of the U14 Rush Select Pool of Players – took part in the Helsinki Cup with the U14 Rush Select Team in Finland. Learn about Rush Select.

The Rush Select team was the only North American based team that participated in the U14 category with teams from Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Iceland, Great Britain, India, Argentina and Brazil with a total of 81 U14 teams competing for the cup. The team finished the group stage with an impressive 5 – 0 record. They carried on to the knockout stages and were eventually eliminated by a team from Iceland in a narrow 2-1 loss. They played a total of 10 games: 2 friendlies in Estonia before the cup, 7 cup games, and a consolation game.

Pablo quickly earned coach’s trust and respect and was appointed team captain of the Rush Select team. He performed exceptionally well throughout the tournament always displaying a strong conviction and full intent to bring home the cup. He tallied a total of 6 goals and 6 assists. This was another great experience for Pablo to enrich his soccer repertoire, get exposed to different styles of play, and to practice additional leadership skills.

Juan Pablo Delgadillo comments on his experience: 

“Without a doubt, through all the tournaments and events I have attended, this one by far, has definitely been one of the best. From the friendly matches in Estonia, to the group games in the prestigious Helsinki Cup, the team formed a bond like no other. As a team of brothers, we stood apart from the rest of the teams because we played with an immense passion and played not only for the badge on our jerseys, but for our brothers beside us. Because of our mentality, we went undefeated in the group stage, but unfortunately luck was not on our side in the round of sixteen, where we were eliminated. Not to forget the dedication Coach Greg put into making tactics that best suited our playing styles, and the time he took watching every team while taking notes in case we were to play against them. Also, special thanks to Jide for organizing everything and also acting as a coach and motivator when we needed it the most. It was an honor being the captain of such a great team and it was my responsibility to look after my teammates on the pitch. Altogether the experience in Estonia and Finland was one that was truly unforgettable as brothers were made, matches were won, and a new Rush family was formed.”

What is the Rush Select Program?
Rush Select teams are comprised of top Rush players from across the country to attend various events on a yearly basis. Think of it as an all-star guest playing opportunity, but amplified. Players and coaches from Rush clubs throughout North America hardly know each other’s names at the beginning of each event, but by the time everyone departs, lifetime bonds have been forged and a new level of play has been discovered. Players return to their clubs/academies with a new understanding of the Rush Way, our core values, and exactly what it means to be a part of the largest youth soccer organization in the world.

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