Rush Canada Launches Canadian Select Regional Program

Oakville, ON – The Rush Select program has recently changed its format to open a higher level of selection to more Rush players ages U13 and older. The aim is to reduce the cost of tryouts and training camps for Select players while still forming exceptionally talented teams.

Instead of having a single tryout in Casa Grande, Arizona for players and selecting only 30 out of the 180 players nominated, Rush has created 5 regions (4 in the U.S. and 1 in Canada) that will have individual tryouts and create Rush Regional teams. Selected players will have a regional camp every year and participate in one strong tournament within their Select Regional team. The players that make Select Regional teams will have the opportunity to be selected for Select National teams and play in tournaments abroad in Europe or South America. The Rush Select program is geared toward top talent and is going to be used to present this talent to the pro scouts and academies as well as to college coaches.

The Rush Select Regional format will allow full participation of top Rush players and their vetting through these programs for Rush Select National teams.

Rush Canada has always been recognized as the one of the leading player development programs within the Rush organization and we are excited to bring this elite program to the Rush Select community. The best Rush Players from Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec will be identified by their Directors of Coaching and invited to their Canada Rush Select camp to form the best Canada Rush teams. These teams made from top Rush players in Canada will play at one high end tournament in the U.S. and will participate at Rush International Select camps and tournaments where Rush Select National teams will be formed.

Slobodan Pavlovic, Rush International Technical Director for Canada, will be responsible for Rush Canada Select activities and its integration into the global Rush Select program.

Slobodan Pavlovic says “The Rush Canada Regional Select Program will be available for the 2005, 2006 and 2007 age groups within Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec. The program is open to Rush Canada players who are interested in earning a spot on the National Select team which travels to yearly to top tournaments in Europe and South America. We are excited with the opportunity to open up access to this great program to all talented Canadian players. Canada Rush Select teams are the first step to being selected for the National Select team. Having access to two more levels of selection within the same organization provides significant improvement for Canada Rush’s player development program. “

Slobodan adds “In 2020, our plan is to take the Rush Canada Regional Select teams (comprised of players from Ontario, Quebec, and Vancouver) to the prestigious Mayor’s Cup in Las Vegas (February 2020), where with the help of the Rush Canada Select Coaching Staff, we will identify the players that will be placed on the Rush National Select Team. Starting in 2020, the Rush Regional Select Programs are the only way for our players to be identified for the Rush Select National teams, so all players interested must participate.”

Registration starts on September 30th, 2019.

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