Rush Canada Academy Joins OPDL

Oakville, ON – Ontario Soccer officially announced that Rush Canada Soccer Academy has been awarded the OPDL license and will compete in the OPDL starting in the 2020/21 season

The Ontario Player Development League (OPDL) launched in 2014 at the U13 level and has since been the primary avenue within the Talented Pathway model for players to be detected into future Provincial Screening Competitions which can then lead to Provincial Team opportunities. OPDL represents young players’ early graduation to a genuine high performance training environment, targeting the top athletes in the province with what is the highest level of youth competitive soccer in Ontario. Unlike other leagues, the OPDL operates more as a high performance training program than merely a league. In 2019, 80 per cent of Ontario’s male Provincial Teams were made up of OPDL players. Learn more about the OPDL High Performance Program.

🗓 👉 OPDL Tryouts are now open. Click here to register today.

Rush Canada Soccer Academy will enter the following OPDL teams at the start of the 2020 season: 

  • Boys 2007 (U13), 2006 (U14), 2005 (U15), 2004 & 2003 (U17)
  • Girls 2007 (U13), 2004 & 2003 (U17)

Rush Canada Academy Technical Director, Slobodan Pavlovic, says “Joining the OPDL is a great and well deserved achievement for Rush Canada Soccer Academy, as well as for the Rush Soccer Organization as a whole. Our implementation of the Rush Soccer programs, methodologies, and core values was well executed and resulted in both well developed teams, and players within our academy. I want to thank all the players and coaches as well as the Rush Soccer staff on their great support in OPDL application process.” Slobodan will ensure that all the technical requirements related to player development are met and exceeded within our academy.  

Rush Canada Academy Academy Director, Bogdan Brasoveanu, says “I am very exited with opportunity to expand our programs to our female athletes and provide them with elite level competition in the OPDL, in 2020. We will focus on building our girls programs for the upcoming season.” 

Rush Canada Academy President, Kornel Vuia, says “Six years ago, we started from scratch, but we did not have any doubts that our experience will help us build a quality soccer organization and attract the right partners. Today, we are very happy to be a part of the Rush Soccer family, a member of Capelli, and most recently to officially join the OPDL program.”

We all look forward to a new season and much continued success in 2020 and beyond! Thank you to all of our members who continue to support us while we grow and develop together. 

🗓 👉 OPDL Tryouts are now open. Click here to register today.

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