Residency Program

Rush Canada Residency Program

The Residency Program: Rush Titan House (one of two residencies)

The Rush Residency Program gives Rush Canada players the opportunity to spend time at one of the two Rush residencies in America and train and play with the top Rush players and coaches for the period of time they have signed up for. The residency program is available for all Rush players aiming to improve their abilities through intensive, high level training and playing program.


The Residency Program at the Titan House provides a unique opportunity for players from around the world to learn and be part of the Rush experience.  When residing at the Titan House, guests “live” the Rush Core Values.  We strongly believe in our core values and we incorporate them in all facets of this Residency Program.  We uphold a strict and professional environment to insure that everyone staying at Titan will get the absolute most out of this opportunity. Whether staying for an extended period of time or just a weekend, the Residency Program at Titan aims to further individual soccer and personal growth in its residents.

At Titan, all guests pitch in to keep a clean and safe environment.  This helps build Unity, a Rush core value. The house will be filled with like-minded “team” players who will be expected to maintain a professional atmosphere.  A vacation home it is not, a great place to grow both personally and professionally it is. With that said Safety, also a Rush Core Value, is something that we take very serious.

Below are links to Titan House Rules, The Rush Core Values and the Safety Rules And Regulations Agreement that each player must sign prior to arrival at Titan.

If you have any questions or are interested in taking advantage of this program please contact Nick Blanco at or Alex Roberdo at


For more information, visit the American Rush Website.