Keys to Success

  1. Rush Canada Soccer Academy professional coaching staff with international experience and proven track record in development and implementation of player development programs and methodologies in Europe, Canada, USA and Asia.
  2. The Rush coaching staff with access to the high level international and national coaching resources trough established personal contacts. The academy staff has long professional playing experience mainly in Europe and Asia and coaching experience in multiple countries around the world which resulted in multiple personal contacts with high standard coaches ( all former professional soccer players too) and academies/clubs.
  3. The Rush coaching staff has abilities to:
    • Identify, develop, monitor and evaluate players in all age groups on a continual and consistent basis
    • Enable emerging talent to develop all of their capacities to their potential
    • Provide emerging talent with the opportunity to train in a structured quality environment with a more challenging level of training and development
    • Improve the quality of players across all levels of the game
    • To monitor and evaluate potential national team players on a structured and regular basis
  4. We think and work creatively, breaching all traditional boundaries that limit our ability to ascend, creativity at all levels. Rush Canada believes in thinking outside the box.

 Rush Programs

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