July Player of the Month: Sena Correia

Congratulations to Sena Correia on his Rush Canada Player of the Month selection for July 2018! Nicolas plays for Coach Ivan’s 2006 team. Congrats on the selection Sena!

Coaches Comments:

“Sena is a highly talented, hardworking, skilled and selfless player. On the field, he is a tireless competitor who always gives his maximum effort. Aside from his skill and his physical qualities, Sena is blessed with a rare character. Simply put, he is a leader. During the past few months, Sena has been a player who his teammates can count on, look up to, and enjoy playing with. He is always positive and has a natural tendency to help his team mates when they are struggling or during difficult times. With this type of attitude and character, I have no doubt that Sena has a very bright future ahead of him. Congratulations Sena, your selection is well deserved.” - Coach Ivan


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