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The Goalkeeper School of Excellence Program’s objective is to reach performance excellence through significant time spent working on individual physical and technical abilities. The program was implemented by Slobodan Pavlovic, Rush Canada’s Technical Director which was developed from years of experience playing and coaching at a professional level. In addition, Slobodan was also a Director of Goalkeeping for both Rush Soccer and Vardar Michigan. Now, he will deliver the program to Rush Canada Academy Goalkeepers through the Goalkeeper School of Excellence Program.


Slobodan (Slobo) Pavlovic trained me in the early nineties with Toronto Italia of the old NSL. Slobo was way beyond the trends of the time. He introduced me to physical, technical and tactical efficiencies of goalkeeping. With Slobo I gained many missing tools that helped me excel at the professional level. He inspired taught and listened like no coach I have ever head, his knowledge of the individual needs of the goalkeeper and the needs of the goalkeeper within team play, both defensive and offensive, were invaluable lessons I still use today.

Carmine Isacco – Head Coach and Technical Director of the Vaughan SC, Former Pro Goalkeeper

“In over 35 years of coaching as well as directing a club I have never had the privilege of working with someone as compassionate, dedicated, professional and loyal as Slobo. His unique ability to take a group of players of various ethnicities, ages and abilities and turn them into a two time (back to back) state cup champion in one of the most recognized soccer “hot beds” in the country was a spectacular achievement. Anyone that has the ability to allow their child to train with Slobo should take full advantage of it. My son Gavin had the blessing of being under Slobo‘s tutelage for many years. Gavin excelled tremendously not only reaching the regional level of ODP but also being selected to the 2002 national team while at the Vardar Academy. Coaches like Slobo do not come around very often. It was not only a privilege to have Slobo on our staff but it is a privilege to call him my friend.”

Dennis Brose – Former Pro, Player US Futsal National Team

“Slobo is a fantastic coach. I worked with him from 12 to 15 years of age, and I improved dramatically as a goalkeeper. I went from being just a small kid who could make some flashy saves periodically, to a much more well rounded goalkeeper, and I use what he taught me to this day in the collegiate world. I would 100% recommend him to any goalkeepers who want to take their game to the next level. He will test you physically, but also engage you mentally, and help you develop.”

Robert Damron – Madonna class of 24′

“Slobodan’s work with goalkeepers shows craftsmanship. Slobo’s years of experience have supported his teaching proficiency with goalkeepers. His willingness to put in quality training time, attention to detail, content knowledge, all support goalkeepers who have a desire to reach beyond their current level of play. Slobodan has worked with a variety of goalkeepers who come with different physical and psychological nuances. He understands people well and he understands the technical, tactical, psychological, and fitness demands of the position for the modern goalkeeper.”

Mark Zathey – Rush National Director / MadoNna University men’s head coach

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