August Player of the Month: Yiannis Kalpakidis

Congratulations to Yiannis Kalpakidis on his Rush Canada Player of the Month selection for August 2017! Yiannis plays for Coach Rob‘s 2009 team. Congrats on the selection Yiannis!

Coaches Comments:

“Yiannis Kalpakidis is our 2009 player of the month.  Always arriving with a smile on his face, his effort and determination is never in doubt.  With his very large water bottle in hand, he’s ready to tackle any task requested of him.  His skills allow Yiannis to be a very flexible player, whether in the back, as a midfielder or up front, he’s a force to reckoned with every time.  The Tank, as he’s affectionately known as by Coach Darren and I, never leaves doubt who’s going to win when tackling the ball. “ - Coach Rob

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