2007 Boys Win the CASA Internationals Season Finale Tournament

Congratulations to our Rush 2007 Boys team who won the CASA Internationals Season Finale Tournament in Ohio last weekend.

The boys did very well throughout their group stage matches maintaining an undefeated record and not conceding a goal. They then went on to the semi-final, which proved to be a tighter match, but a 2-1 win took them to the tournament final. In the end, the boys won the tournament final capping their weekend off with a convincing 3-1 victory.

Head Coach Zoran Odovic says: “This was the first time our boys played in an 11v11 tournament and the players made the adjustment very wisely and efficiently.  I would like to thank all the players and particularly their parents for the outcome. Without all of your personal sacrifices and support in getting the boys to practice and driving them to the games and tournaments, this weekend would not have been possible.”

“The coaching staff and I, are all very proud at the way the boys played and, most importantly, the way they behaved during this tournament.  They all displayed an unbelievable warrior mentality and have shown some great composure and extraordinary skill during the weekend. Great job boys.” Coach Zoran added.


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