2005 Player Trains With California Rush

Rush Canada’s Sam Onay is currently on a family vacation in California. He is taking full advantage of the Rush Player Loan Program (which is available to all Rush Canada members) by training with the California Rush 2005 team. Through the Rush Player Loan Program, our players are able to train and play in tournaments with Rush teams globally. Rush has over 32,000 youth soccer players in the US and has clubs in Africa, South America, Europe, Asia, along with North and Central America and the islands of the Caribbean.

Learn more about Sam’s experience with California Rush:

Why did you travel to California last month?
I traveled to Southern California with my family for a vacation.
How did you find a Rush team to train with in California?
My mom decided to surprise me by arranging a training with California Rush. I think that was a great plan because I am proud to play for a global soccer club.
How often did you train with Rush there? Tell us a little bit about your experience and how you were greeted. 
Due to our travel schedule, I could train with California Rush 2005 team one evening at their field in Huntington Beach. I met with 2005 Team Coach Cesar, Coach Lucas and the club president Gabriel. All the coaches and the players greeted me with a warm welcome.
Did you make any friends that you will continue to keep in touch with?
I will be in touch with the coaches when we come back to SoCal again as it’s so great to train while on vacation!
Would you consider doing this again in the US or another country where Rush has a presence?
I will definitely consider training with a Rush club outside of Canada. With its global presence, I find the experience very cool.
Would you like to mention anything else about your experience? 
I found it amazing that the California Rush team plays and trains outdoors all year long!

Learn more about Rush Canada’s Player Loan Program.

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